This Fall So Far…We Want To Hear From You!

This Fall So Far…We Want To Hear From You!

Hey friends! Currently driving down the road to Greentown, IN and thought, “Hey…Let’s update our friends on our journeys!” We consider it an honor to be a partner in leading the Church in worship for a living. If we’ve worshipped with you this Fall at any point then our sincerest “thanks” goes out to you for showing up ready to sing like crazy with us. If we’ve yet to be with you this Fall then we look forward to being with you soon!

It’s been so cool to see God move through His Church in our travels this Fall. From youth events to one night tour stops to leading entire congregations at weekend services, God continues to reveal more of Himself to us through His bride. We continually pray that the stories and testimonies we’re a part of hearing would shape and mold our craft as songwriters to keep producing songs the Church can cling to. That’s our heart. So…thanks for supporting us and being real with us to fuel our ministry both creatively as well as financially! God uses you to speak to us!

If you haven’t yet…Shoot us messages on Facebook or Twitter to let us know if/how our songs have played a part in what God’s doing in your life! We’d love to celebrate with you!

Excited about the roads ahead and thankful for the journey behind! See you down the road.


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