Summer Tour Update - 3 Weeks Down

Summer Tour Update - 3 Weeks Down

We’ve been having a blast on our Summer Tour so far. We’ve loved being a part of what God is doing in His Kingdom through the ministry of Christ In Youth. We love this organization so much and are honored to be a part of what God’s doing through it. We’ve spent some time in Knoxville, TN and Cedarville, OH. We had a blast worshipping with a bunch of students focused on knowing Jesus and making Him known.

We’ve been learning so much this Tour. We feel a deep conviction to continue to seek ways to improve. None of us have ever arrived to a place where there’s nothing left to learn. We’re always looking, listening for ways to be better followers of Jesus, spouses, friends, and musicians.

One thing I’ve been learning is the power of the story of people changed by Jesus’ power. The theme for Christ In Youth’s MOVE conference is, “This Changes Everything.” The “This” in that title is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To think and to know that the same power that conquered the grave lives in us (through the power of the Holy Spirit) is a serious perspective shifter. If you’ve experienced the life-transforming power of Jesus’ love in your life then you know; when you walk away from an encounter with the one true living God it changes things.

There is a part in a morning session where the conference asked me to share why I believe in resurrection of Jesus. In order to tell someone why I believe in the resurrection I have to tell them how the resurrection power of Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, is transforming me. The same is true for you. Yea, you. If you’re reading this blog post and you’ve experienced the resurrection power of Jesus by His Holy Spirit transforming you, then you’ve got a story to share. A story that will help someone either come closer to Jesus OR come to know Him for the first time.

There is power in telling your story. So share it!

If we’ve worshipped with you on this Tour then thanks for singing so well with us. If we’re yet to be with you, then we can’t wait! If we’re not with you…bummer.

We’d love to know how Jesus is transforming you! Shoot us a tweet or Facebook message so we can be praying with and for you!

See you down the road.

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