Our YM Prayer This Summer

Our YM Prayer This Summer

We’re currently in our first week of our Summer Tour. As we get into the groove of a new tour (and in that - time away from home), we know that a lot of you are going to be joining us on the road this Summer. Your time away from home this Summer will establish a launching point for the follow through at home. You get to be a part of both experiences! Here’s how we’re praying for you.

Your families are going to sacrifice time with you to enable you to be a part of the Kingdom work God has called you to. The enemy is working at you and them even now to feel bitter about the fact that you’re spending more time with the student that eats funyuns - like all the time - more than your own son or daughter.

We’re praying for the moments you FaceTime, call, text and communicate with your family from those trips. Be fully there in the conversation. Ask them to pray with you and for you. Even your kids, seriously.

You’re going to take a student on a trip with you that is a MESS. A lot of pain and hurt has plagued their past - some warranted by their own mistakes, but some brought on by their parent issues. They’re looking for any type of affirmation. And that’s why they’re finding themselves trying to please the world. And in that, they’re finding themselves disappointed and empty time and time again.

We’re praying for the moment you look across the room and see him/her singing their guts out to their Father.

The words spoken to your students this summer may be intentional for them, but they’re not exclusively for them.

We’re praying for the moment when you hear the same words you’re praying for your students to hear.

We’re praying that God does immeasurably more in you and through you than you could ever do on your own. We’re praying that you abide in Jesus. We’re praying for you. We can’t wait to worship with you!

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