Our Prayer For 2015

Our Prayer For 2015

For most of us, like all other previous years, 2014 came and went. We get into 2015 reflecting on the previous year’s ups & downs, victories & trials, laughs & tears and habits we would like to break and/or create. We are no different. We as JHB have had a lot of great and exciting memories, laughs, new relationships and partnerships established, new lands we traveled to and new art which was created; as well as experiencing transition, growing pains, trials, tears and some very real fears as well as some irrational fears. All of this is part of what following Jesus looks like and feels like, for every-person.

As 2015 gives us a blank canvas, we as Jordan Howerton Band are praying specific things over us individually, over the Church world-wide, over the local bodies’ of brothers and sisters we will encounter this year, and also over those we may not. We also invite you to join in; in praying with us and for us.

Our prayer for 2015 is that Jesus would be glorified; that He would be Loved with all of our heart, soul, mind & strength. We pray that we would have more opportunities to share the Love of God through action, word, deed and song. We want to see the Church reach a greater level of unity this year. We want to see the ends of the Earth loving and praising Jesus. We want to see people healed, set free and made-whole in Jesus’ name. We want to decrease and we want Jesus to increase. All of this is absolutely attainable and possible through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of every-believer who professes the name of Jesus, and is made manifest when we act and do what Jesus is telling us and moving us to. We want to help the local church be all that it was created to be. We also want to come alongside with and partner with those who have the same calling and leading. None of this is possible without the Body of Christ and us individually acting and doing. For those of you reading this, we pray somehow that our paths would cross this year, and that we can celebrate the work of Jesus and the Love of God together.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Jordan Howerton Band

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